Bryggens Gallerie & Atelier is owned and operated by Inge Merete Gross, a theologian of Aarhus University and teacher from Th Langs Seminarium in Silkeborg.

Her father had a paint store, and joy of colours is in her blood. When she was 12 years old  her dad gave her a spartula, and it’s still to be seen in most of her pictures. She rarely uses a paintbrush. “I have better contact when I use my fingers,” she says.

The spartula was the reason, that watercolour was replaced with oil. Later on she preferred the acrylic colours  .

“When I painted with oil,” she says, “I always saw a picture in front of my inner eye before I started. I had an idea of ​​what I wanted to paint, but the result was too often far from that idea. After many years of struggle I one day dropped all expectations and control.

This means that today I do not know what will show up, when I start on a painting. I play, explore, go on adventure. I splash some water on the canvas and I loose control over what happens.

Then I stop and watch. The canvas and I enter into dialogue and that dialogue continues until my soul and the painting mirror in each other.

How long does it take, I am often asked?
It can last for one week, or it can last for one year year, or even more …


Therefore I never paint on order. When I can’t decide over my paintings, how can I let others do so?

It’s about letting go, accepting that the canvas is in control – and let things happen! ”

After many years as a priest, Inge Merete Gross became seriously ill of mold in her home and in her churches. When she realized it was a fatal situation, it led her to a new beginning with her own studio and gallery at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.